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Google Helping Local Publishers Surf The Programmatic Wave

Technology has been taking giant bites out of the publishing business for going on 20 years now. First Craigslist hoovered up all the classified ads. Then news aggregators devalued content. Now, the shift to computer-automated — ie. programmatic — ad buying is putting the squeeze on smaller publishers, who lack the technological wherewithal to keep up. Enter Google GOOG 2.5%. The search giant has forged a deal with the Local Media Consortium that will result in its 800-plus daily papers gaining access to the tools they need to play in the fast growing marketplace. The help comes at a crucial time, with real-time bidding — a term that gets used more or less interchangeably with programmatic — forecast to account for nearly a third of all display ad sales by 2017, according to eMarketer.

How to embed video and photo in Google Maps Engine interactive map

You can add photo and video to a Google Maps Engine custom map using two free tools: Flickr and Youtube. This is a useful feature for multimedia reporting, marketing or just personal use. To embed your own multimedia contents in a Google map, you first need to upload videos and photos somewhere on the web, and then copy/paste the links to the map. Flickr is a free web service that can host your photos, and Youtube is a free service to host videos.

The Journalist's Learn To Code Resource Guide


This is a list of resources you can use to begin to write your own programs, written with journalists in mind. I focus mostly on free resources that are available to anybody online, and resources useful to people starting from scratch. I will be adding to this over time. If you’d like to know…

Local press continues to be most trusted media - Journalism News from HoldtheFrontPage

Local newspapers continue to be more trusted than any other media as well as delivering a more effective response to adverts, a survey has found. The Consumer Catalyst Study found that 52pc off people trust the local press to provide relevant information about the local area compared to 14pc for commercial TV and 11pc for commercial radio. It also found that local newspaper readers are more than twice as likely to act on adverts in their papers, with 51pc compared to 23pc for TV ads and 14pc for commercial radio ads.

Traditional Media Face 'Business Model vs Content' Crisis - Thu., Mar. 27, 2014

Chaos in journalism is nothing new, said Brock, who noted that throughout history journalism has been in a state of continuous disruption beginning with the transition of the spoken word to stone tablet/parchment.

In his view, the only thing that was unusual was journalism’s extended period of relative calm before the current Internet storm hit.

The former Times of London reporter and author of “Out of Print” spoke March 26 at a Center for Communication panel called “Journalism: Bullish on the Future.” New York University’s department of media, culture and communication presented the session at the school’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Social Media And Future Of News: 8 Findings - InformationWeek

In its 2014 review of the state of the media industry, the Pew Research Center finds reason to believe that American journalism has a future — something that hasn’t been obvious after years of belt tightening, layoffs, technological changes, and newspaper closures. New digital media companies have arisen and thrived, many with the help of talented people from traditional media organizations. Entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, John Henry, and Pierre Omidyar are bringing needed investment and the perspective of outsiders to the industry. And there is evidence that social media have become a meaningful channel to reach the young audience necessary to sustain the news industry as the newspaper generation ages.

HamletHub Adds Waterbury and Trumbull to Its Network of Hyperlocal News Sites, a pioneering network of ‘hyperlocal’ websites providing locally originated news and information to communities, has just launched two new hyperlocal sites: one for the west side of Waterbury, CT, and one in Trumbull, CT, the company announced today. HamletHub launched the first local news “Hub” in Ridgefield in 2009 with a mission to make the world better, one HamletHub at a time. HamletHub won a prestigious Connecticut Press Club Award in 2011 and 2012.

Charting the years-long decline of local news reporting - The Washington Post

The Manassas News & Messenger survived Reconstruction, multiple recessions and depressions, assorted wars and the dismantling of Jim Crow laws throughout Virginia and the South. But the Internet was another matter.

When the 10,000-circulation daily newspaper on the fringe of the Washington metropolitan area succumbed in late 2012 after 143 years in operation, its new owner — BH Media Group, a subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway — said the operation was no longer viable in a digital world. The paper, BH chairman Terry Kroeger said at the time, suffered from “negative financial momentum” that his company couldn’t reverse.

HamletHub Adding Brookfield as Latest City in Its Roster of Hyperlocal News Sites

Brookfield.CT March 21, 2014 – a pioneering network of ‘hyperlocal’ websites providing locally originated news and information to communities has launched its newest hyperlocal site for the Brookfield, CT area, the company announced today. With a full roster of sites covering most of Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, the company is proud to announce that Brookfield resident, Amy Landisman, has agreed to become the editor of Brookfield HamletHub.

John Maginnis makes a living covering Louisiana politics | It's All Journalism

Covering Louisiana politics since 1972, John Maginnis has made a living for the last 21 years running a statewide political newsletter and website that people actually pay to read.
John Maginnis

John Maginnis publishes the political website LaPolitics with Jeremy Alford.
“It’s been a real success and it’s been a mainstay of my career,” said Maginnis, who also has a syndicated column that runs in 21 newspapers around Louisiana.

Mobile technology is leading the way in hyperlocal news

Let’s look at a few of these. When the papers closed in Port Talbot, research conducted by Cardiff University suggested that 88% of residents still wanted local news. With widespread support from the community, a group of journalists set up the Port Talbot Magnet as a cooperative. Initially published online, it now also has a print edition.

Content economics, part 5: news | Felix Salmon

Have you heard the news? Janet’s pregnant!

There’s a reason that the first thing you see when you log in to Facebook — the product around which everything else on Facebook revolves — is called the News Feed. And yet, only a relatively small proportion of what you see in your News Feed can really be considered journalism.